Quick Answer: What Is BSNL 4g Plus?

What is the cost of BSNL 4g SIM?

The company has recently launched two 4G plans, where it is offering 10GB data per day.

The plans are priced at Rs.

96, and Rs.

236, respectively..

How wealthy is Himachal Pradesh?

At current prices, the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Himachal Pradesh is estimated to reach Rs 1.82 trillion (US$ 26.04 billion) in 2020-21. The state’s per capita GSDP in 2019-20 was Rs 225,839 (US$ 3,203.85).

How can I start my BSNL SIM?

At present, the subscriber has to dial 1507 for tele-verification of his name, address, POI (Proof of Identity) & POA (Proof of Address). Within 4 hours of tele-verification, the SIM shall be activated for all outgoing & incoming.

How is BSNL 4g speed?

BSNL 4G is able to deliver speeds of up to 15Mbps in the real world. BSNL 4G is available across many south and west Indian states. The BSNL 4G network also supports VoLTE.

What is BSNL 4g plan?

BSNL 4G Prepaid PlansPlan/STVPriceData BenefitPlan 4854851.5GB/dayPlan 6666661.5GB/dayPlan 9979973GB/daySTV10981098Unlimited data12 more rows•Oct 19, 2020

How can I connect to BSNL hotspot?

Steps to connect to BSNL Free Wifi HotspotGo to WiFi settings.Search and connect to BSNL WiFi.Tap on ‘connect’Enter the 10-digit mobile number.Tap on Get Pin option after which you will receive a 6-digit pin via SMS.After entering that PIN, users will be connected to BSNL WiFi.

Is BSNL 4g available in Himachal Pradesh?

The 4G plans of BSNL in Himachal Pradesh are following: In Rs. 97 you will get 250 minutes/day free Local/STD/ roaming calls including MTNL area Mumbai and Delhi + Unlimited data with speed reduced to 80 kbps after 2.0GB/day + 100SMS/day including MTNL area Mumbai and Delhi + Lokdhun Content.

What is the price of BSNL WiFi?

Check BSNL Modem Price for DSL or Fiber Optic Broadband ConnectionTwo different options for BSNL Modem priceWi-FiNot ApplicableOneUSBOneMRP ChargesRs. 1400Rs. 3250*Get Free Modem on subscribing broadband monthly rental plan >10009 more rows

Which prepaid plan is cheapest?

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio has updated its one month, two month, three month, and 12 month prepaid plans. The company has also introduced separate affordable prepaid plans with 28, 84, and 365 days validity. Jio calls these All-in-One plans and they are almost 25% cheaper than prepaid plans from Airtel and Vodafone-Idea.

How can I know my BSNL SIM is 3g or 4g?

Simple way is insert the sim in a 4 g supported mobile(use the slot 1). Go to setting>mobile network>set the preference to LTE or 4G network> then manually search the network and try to register yourself on 4G network. If you get registered then it means you sim is 4g supported.

Which is best BSNL plan?

Here’s a list of best BSNL Prepaid Plans with price ranging from Rs 3 to Rs. 6000….BSNL Recharge Plans Prepaid List.Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)2 GB 3G Data Pack1 day162 GB / Day Combo Unlimited 3G Data Pack71 days3951.3 GB 3G Data Pack22 days981 GB / Day Combo Unlimited 3G Data Pack60 days2991 more row

What is the minimum recharge of BSNL?

As per the latest information, minimum recharge for BSNL to activate incoming calls is Rs 74. Earlier too the ₹74 plan was considered to be the minimum recharge for BSNL to keep SIM active for incoming calls. Then the validity was used to be 90 days.

How can I extend my BSNL validity?

Just send the SMS- “Ext Validity” to the number 51505 (without the quotes). BSNL will respond with an SMS asking you to confirm your request. Upon confirming it, the validity extension amount (36 Rupees in this case) will be deducted from your account balance and your validity period will be extended.

When BSNL 4g will come?

BSNL to roll out 4G services by the end of March 2020 – The Economic Times.

How can I access BSNL 4g Plus?

Firstly, to activating the device with the EAP method, turn on the Wi-Fi on the device and then select the SSID named BSNL 4G Plus. Now, choose EAP method as SIM authentication and select BSNL SIM slot. Click on connect to successfully join the network after authentication.

Can I use BSNL modem as WiFi router?

How to use BSNL ADSL modem as a wifi access point. … Take an example of WiMAX(not all though) or Type 1 ADSL modem, which itself does not have wifi. In order to use wifi with these type of devices either you have to buy a wifi router or you can use any ADSL modem (WiFi supported) as a wifi access point or router.

Where is BSNL 4g available?

Currently, the company’s 4G connectivity is available in Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

What is BSNL plan validity?

Bsnl Validity Mobile Recharge Plans in KarnatakaPriceValidityRs. 666134 daysRs. 48590 daysRs. 42981 daysRs. 19928 days4 more rows