Question: How Do I Transfer Files From IPad To PC Without ITunes?

How do I transfer files from my iPad to my laptop wirelessly?

AirMore is an application working without plugging in a USB.

It helps you connect iPad to PC on the WiFi, transfer files between the devices, view pictures and manage pad files on PC directly.

What’s more, this app works for iOS, Android, MacBook, Windows and tablets for free and only occupies little storage space..

How do I transfer files from iPad to PC?

iTunes SyncingConnect your iPad to your laptop using a USB cable and launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically.Choose your iPad from the list of Devices. … Click on a file and drag and drop it onto your computer to transfer individual files.More items…

How can I access my iPad files on my PC?

Method 2. How to Access iPad Files on PC with iTunesConnect your iPad to your PC via a USB or WiFi.Click the iPad button next to the top left of the iTunes pannel.Click the “File Sharing,” then select an app that contains the files you want to access.More items…•

How do I transfer files from iPhone to Windows computer?

Copy files from an iOS or iPadOS app to your computerIn iTunes, select the app from the list in the File Sharing section.Drag and drop files from the Documents list to a folder or window on your computer to copy them to your computer.

How do I transfer files from USB to iPad?

To transfer files from USB to iPad via File Explorer:Connect your USB flash drive and your iPad to the computer via the USB port.Unlock your iPad and trust the computer.Go to “This PC” > [your USB] and copy the files you want to transfer.More items…•

How do I transfer files from iPhone to PC via Bluetooth?

Send files over BluetoothMake sure the other device you want to share with is paired with your PC, turned on, and ready to receive files. … On your PC, select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.In Bluetooth & other devices settings, select Send or receive files via Bluetooth.More items…

Can I connect a USB stick to my iPad?

Insert a USB camera adapter or an SD card reader into the charging port on iPad. … Note: The Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter can be powered with a USB power adapter. This allows you to connect USB devices with higher power requirements, such as external hard drives, to iPad.

Can you connect an iPad to a Windows computer?

Using USB, you can directly connect iPad and a Mac or Windows PC to set up your iPad, charge the iPad battery, share your iPad internet connection, transfer files, and sync content. Make sure you have one of the following: PC with a USB port and Windows 7 or later. …

How do I transfer files from my iPad to my laptop via Bluetooth?

Turn Bluetooth OnOpen the Settings app (the icon resembles a gear). … Tap Connected Devices on stock Android. … Select Bluetooth. … Turn on the Bluetooth toggle switch to display a list of Paired Devices (such as Bluetooth audio devices you’ve paired with before) and a list of Available Devices.More items…•

How do I transfer files from iPhone to pc without iTunes?

Part 2. How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC Without iTunes via iCloudvia iCloud website.Go to the on your computer (PC & Mac)> Sign in with your Apple ID and password.Then, you will be displayed with the file category > Choose the files you want to transfer to your computer.via iCloud for Windows.More items…•

How do I transfer files from iPad to PC via USB?

Connect iPad to your PC with a USB cable. Once connected, tap “Trust This Computer” on your device’s screen. Open EaseUS MobiMover and select “Phone to PC” on the main screen. Click “Next” to start transferring data from iPad to your computer.

How do I transfer files from iPad to Windows 10?

How to transfer iPhone and iPad photos using the Windows 10 Photos appPlug your iPhone or iPad into your PC using a suitable USB cable.Launch the Photos app from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.Click Import. … Click any photos you’d like to not import; all new photos will be selected for import by default.More items…•

How do I transfer data from iPhone to Windows computer?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using n USB cable through any of the USB ports available on your computer. Step 2: Open iTunes, click the “Files” tab and check the boxes to sync or transfer your files. Step 3: Select your desired destination folder for the files and click “Sync” to complete the transfer.