Question: Can I Send Data To Another Phone O2?

Can you get unlimited data on 02?

Introducing Unlimited Data from O2 Now you can get unlimited data with our custom plans..

Can I send data to another phone?

If a user’s device has a SIM card and phone signal they can send data from their phone to another user’s phone, as long as the exact same Sapelli project and version of that project has been installed on both devices. Internet connection is not required for this method of sending data.

Can I have two SIM cards with the same number o2?

2 sim cards for the same number? … They can give you 2 sims, with the same number, one of them is registered as your primary sim, which calls go to, unless switched off, then they go to the other handset.

Can I give my data to someone else?

Data gifting lets you move data around your devices when someone’s low. Just choose the person who needs data, choose who’s got spare data to gift and that’s it. They’re back online, without you spending an extra penny. Once it’s done, we’ll text the person whose data has been moved and the person receiving the data.

What is 02 family plan?

O2 Family details. With O2 Family, you can save money with our Family Plan, bring all your household’s airtime contracts together in one place, and get access to exclusive Priority offers. What is the Family Plan discount? With our Family Plan, you get 20% off Airtime Plans on eligible tariffs.

How does o2 family plan work?

Family Plan allows you to get a discount off eligible Pay As You Go Big Bundles and Pay Monthly airtime on O2 (the “Offer”). … Capitalised terms used in these Offer Terms and not defined shall be as defined in the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement or Pay As You Go service terms, or the relevant tariff terms, as applicable.

Can you have 2 SIM cards on one contract?

You can activate another sim useing another account which will give you another number. Then if your phone is a dual sim phone you could run the sims together. It’s actually against the law to have one mobile number running on one sim or even two sims having the same number.

How can I share my mobile data without hotspot?

Even without a data connection, you can still turn your old smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. All you have to do is manipulate Wi-Fi tethering in order to create a Local Area Network (or LAN). This network can then be used for sharing files, playing games, and other things you can do with a LAN connection.

How do you share data with someone?

If you want to send data to someone as a gift or to fill your other number with data, you can dial *127**# or you can send “Gift to the number 127.

How do I add another device to my o2 account?

Yes, just use the “link accounts” option on the “My O2” home page. Since the redesign the “link my accounts” has been replaced with “bring in other products” but it’s still the same process. You still had to register yourself under a different email address or call CS and get them to add it to an existing one.

Can you get a second SIM card?

You can use a SIM-card duplicator to make a copy of a V-1 SIM card and have two phones that have the same SIM card and phone number. However, it is not possible to clone or copy V-2 model SIM cards because companies have incorporated anti-cloning and anti-tampering features that will prevent a copy from working.

Can I add another phone to my 02 contract?

Welcome to the O2 Community Hi @mags60 Yes you can add another phone to your existing account. As long as you have made payments on time with the one you have already you should be fine. You may have to undergo another credit check which shouldn’t be a problem if your payment history is good.

Can I have two SIM cards with the same number EE?

Normally if you want to make phone calls on a tablet, you’d need a SIM card with its own unique phone number installed. But EE has made it possible for customers (at no extra cost) to share a single phone number across multiple devices. … EE has also added hand-off technology to the “smart number” system.

Can you share data on o2?

To activate sharing, you’ll need to log in to My O2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of your Pay Monthly accounts, with a link to set up your shared data. Click the link and your lead device will be shown with its data allowance. You’ll also see a list of phones and tablets you can share your allowance with.

What is non sharing data o2?

The non sharing bit means you can’t share the data with someone else on a sharer plan.