Is Telkom Doing Away With ADSL?

Is ADSL faster than LTE?

LTE at Home can achieve speeds of up to 50Mbps.

It’s not quite as fast as Fibre, and because it’s airborne, a little more prone to external factors such as bad weather playing a part in the speeds you get.

That said, it’s still worlds faster than ADSL and far more reliable..

What does ADSL stand for?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineADSL is an abbreviation of the name Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is a technology that will offer faster connection speeds than the traditional Internet via dial-up telephone lines could offer. ADSL is the technology that drives many Internet connections worldwide.

How does Telkom uncapped work?

Telkom uncapped LTE All Hours is a truly uncapped LTE product where you can use as much data as you want without worrying about hitting data caps or having to top-up. This is a 10Mbps product. In order to protect customers on its network, Telkom will reduce the speed of heavy users.

How do I cancel my Telkom ADSL line?

How to cancel a Telkom service online:STEP 1: GO TO TELKOM PROFILE. Go to and select the Login button in the top right corner to login to your My Telkom profile (login to the old service portal).STEP 2: SELECT SERVICES. … STEP 3: UPLOAD AND SUBMIT.

Is Telkom doing away with landlines?

Telkom recently announced the discontinuation of all copper network infrastructures. These are the lines which support ADSL and landline telephones. This means that all ADSL users will soon need to choose a new internet connection. The alternatives are Fibre and Fixed LTE – both of which are superior services to ADSL.

Do I need Telkom line for Fibre?

Do I need a Telkom line for fibre No, You only need a fibre network active in your area. See the fibre coverage map .

How long does Telkom take to install Fibre?

Appointments are scheduled upfront with the customer and you will have to be at home as the technician needs access to the inside of your home to fit your Fibre equipment. Each installation is different but could last from 4 – 16 hours from the point at which the technician arrives.

Is ADSL phased out?

As the Copper Disconnection Date is reached, ADSL is phased out, meaning that the ability to sign up to new plans is really only being offered in areas the nbn™ has not been rolled out. … Once it does that, you will no longer be able to access ADSL services, and so you’ll need to change to an nbn™ service.

Can I cancel my landline and still have Internet?

You can of course cancel the landline and start a new mobile internet connection with another provider, but it will cost more and be slower. Not to mention, if your current landline connection comes from your ISP, and you are using an email address associated with that account, you will lose your email address.

Can you still get ADSL?

It’s a little like mobile broadband, but designed to replace your home internet. … However, be aware that even if you choose a home wireless broadband plan, you will still lose access to your old ADSL connection and copper phone line after the ADSL cut-off date for your area.

Do I need a Telkom line for ADSL?

You must have a phone line in order to use ADSL, and your normal phone line rental remains payable to Telkom, even if you never make phone calls, and even if you pay your DSL line rental to Imaginet.

How do I check my Telkom ADSL line speed?

First step would be to try the Telkom ADSL line speed checker tool: Telkom Checker Tool. Use the Telkom ADSL line speed checker to see what speeds you can get and what is available in your area.

Why is my Telkom ADSL so slow?

Make sure you have power flowing into the modem. Change the AC-DC adapter and check if it’s properly connected to the modem. Try changing your cables and filters for known working ones. If possible, try connecting your modem to a friend’s ADSL line and see if it works, or try connecting another ADSL modem to your line.

How do I change from Telkom ADSL to Fibre?

Telkom will bill you for the DSL line rental – if you do not want the line anymore, you will have to cancel the DSL line with Telkom directly….We will help you avoid this as best we can.Sign up for a fibre line. … Only once the fibre line is active will you get billed a pro-rata fee from the date of installation.More items…

Why is my ADSL so slow?

The biggest factor that affects ADSL speed is your distance from your local telephone exchange. ADSL and ADSL2+ are delivered to your home over copper wires, and because of this, the speed of your connection to the network is impacted by the distance the information needs to travel between the exchange and your home.