Is Mous Actually Good?

How thick is a mous case?

All told, the Mous Limitless only adds 2mm of thickness and 1.5 ounces of weight to your device, while taking a metric ton of stress off your shoulders..

Does mous use real leather?

All cases are crafted from real materials, like walnut wood or leather, which means every case is 100% unique, no-one will have wood grains like yours! We also supply everyone with a triple-layered screen protector made from a blend of TPU, PET & Silicon, protecting your phone screen from scratches and cracks.

Should you cover your phone camera?

After all, once they hack a phone camera, they can easily see much more than what a laptop would be able to show.” Meaning that it would be a good idea to cover your phone’s camera. … You can simply block the view of you from your camera with tape or specially made stickers for your phone which you can find on Amazon.

Who makes the toughest phone case?

These are the most rugged phone cases you’ll ever useOtterbox. Amazon. With three rugged layers of protection, internal foam to cushion any falls, as well as built-in screen protection, Otterbox’s Defender Series is a safe bet when it comes to keeping your phone protected. … X-Doria. Amazon. … LifeProof. Amazon. … Anker. Amazon. … Ballistic. Amazon.

Which is better Spigen or Ringke?

If you are looking for a case that will you give you additional protection and grip, the Ringke is for you. If you are looking for a case that will give you protection but also keeps the profile of the phone the same, the Spigen would be more suitable.

Which is better aramid or Kevlar?

Kevlar® is very strong and is slightly stronger than Carbon Fiber per unit weight. … Aramid fibres have remarkable strength to weight ratio when compared to other commercial fibres. Aramid fibre exhibits similar tensile strength to glass fibre, but can be twice as stiff.

What are mous cases made of?

Mous’ patented AiroShock™ dampens the impact of drops while providing extra grip to the phone. The case is constructed from rigid plastic, actually a mix of polycarbonate and TPU, except for the design panel embedded on the back.

Where are mous cases made?

The men and women behind Mous were almost bankrupt, living off noodles and sleeping in cockroach-infested hotel rooms, after giving up everything to study the mass-manufacturing process first-hand in Shenzhen, China.

When was mous founded?

2014Mous was founded in 2014 by James Griffith and Josh Shires. Frustrated that slim phone cases were too flimsy but protective phone cases too ugly, they set about finding a solution. The founding team grew in size, with the addition of James Day, Will Mullen and Lucy Hutchinson.

How do I return a mous case?

If your item was not purchased on our website, you should contact the seller directly for returns. Original shipping fees will not be refunded. In order to return an item to us, contact us with your order number and details of the reason for the return.

What is mous limitless?

AutoAlign™ is our innovative magnetic mounting system that allows all of our Limitless cases to attach seamlessly with our Limitless accessories. “When it comes to protection… Limitless gets the job done” “Ground-breaking… really, really good”

Does carbon fiber block cell phone signal?

1. Carbon Fiber Cases Block your Phones Signal Dramatically! … Amongst some of the most common materials used for phone cases, aluminum and carbon fiber have been proven to dramatically reduce your phones cellular signal reception via Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

What is the best phone case?

Best protective phone case: Otterbox.Best water-resistant phone case: Lifeproof.Best super thin and compact phone case: totallee.Best flexible phone case: Spigen.Best phone case with a built-in battery: mophie.Best wallet phone case: Nomad.Best fashionable and functional phone case:Best phone case for dog-lovers:More items…•

Do mous cases allow wireless charging?

All Mous Cases Are Wireless Charging Compatible It is actually materials such as aluminium that blocks wireless charging signals and is a key reason why Apple and Android manufacturers now favour glass backs for smartphones. … Even our AirPods cases are compatible with wireless chargers.

Does mous use real carbon fiber?

It’s made MOUS’s AiroShock and a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. … The case comes with a triple-layered high-quality screen protector made from a blend of TPU, PET, and Silicon. Perhaps the best detail of the MOUS case is that it uses real carbon fiber — not just a look alike.

What does mous stand for?

memorandum of understandingA memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) is an agreement between two or more parties outlined in a formal document. It is not legally binding but signals the willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract.

Can a bullet go through carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber should not be used or considered to be bulletproof. This is commonly confused with a material called Kevlar® / aramid fiber , which can in fact be bulletproof and is what is used in bulletproof vests. … Body armor that protects from bullets seems to be standard issue now.

Are mous cases any good?

What we can confidently say, is that the Mous case is very protective, has great attention to detail, has great features and touches, and has a variety of useful accessories that conveniently attach magnetically. A lot of iPhone cases roll across all of the AppleInsider desks.

How long does mous take to deliver?

All orders for this particular store are shipped from our warehouse based in Salt Lake City, United States of America within 24 hours on business days, with DHL. MOUS offers a variety of shipping options to countries around the world. From this particular store we ship to; USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.